Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sore Wrists and Caramel Apples

Today has been a day of studying and homework, so I am taking a much needed break to simultaneously blog and procrastinate. Isn't multi-tasking wonderful?:o) Yesterday I had the incredible privilege of spending time with some of my favorite people in the world. The Brown and Hall children got together for a "Sibling Day" in Santa Clarita. We went to Sam's Club, made taco bowls and caramel apples, and then went bowling. So much fun!!! (My athletically challenged body is admittedly a little sore. After bowling. It's ok. You can laugh.) I'm so thankful that Becky married into such an awesome family of people who love the Lord and enjoy spending time with us.:o) I eagerly anticipate many more sibling days in the years to come, but for now (since I have a huge midterm on Wednesday) it's back to the world of heart dysrhythmias. (Or maybe I'll go make some hot chocolate.:o)

Bowl, Becky, bowl!

Steph and I perfected the gutter ball...


I bundled up and spent some time studying outside this afternoon. The sky was gorgeous!

Studying in style.:o)

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