Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today I am blogging from a hospital room.  Technology.  It's a beautiful thing.  Speaking of beautiful and hospital lovely older sister has been in this room since she was admitted last night.  It turns out that my precious niece seems to be on a different time table than the rest of the world, and as a result Rebecca started having contractions on Thursday evening that just didn't seem to go away.  She and Justin came in to have them checked out Friday afternoon and have been here ever since.  The story for now is that they are going to be giving her some medication to try and slow down the contractions and then have her on bed rest for a couple of weeks.  The goal is to keep my eager niece in for another two weeks.  I'm not sure that my sister is seeing bed rest as the best invention in the whole world at the moment, but I am hoping to have the privilege of spoiling her rotten for the next couple of weeks.  Laundry and dishes here I come!:o)  Lord-willing she will be discharged tonight and will get to be home for the remainder of the pregnancy.  However, as the last couple of days have shown us, the Lord's timing is perfect and no amount of calculations or medical science can predict a due date.  I am eager to meet my beautiful niece, but am hoping that she'll stay put for a little longer.  Prayer for Rebecca and the baby would be appreciated, as well as for Justin while he tries to get through two more weeks of a summer class he's in.  Oh, and sorry for the lack of pictures.  We did actually take one this morning while we were eating the breakfast I brought with me, but I don't think I'm authorized to post it.  And, since I really want to be able to see my niece when she's born and someday babysit, I probably shouldn't attempt it.:o)  Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!