Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coffee and Classes

The title for this post was inspired by two things which have been a big part of my life during the last month. (Notice blogging is not one of them...:o) So to those of you reading this and thus still checking on my blog I will say, "Why?" Just kidding.:o) Thanks for stopping by! I thought I'd give you a quick blurb on the last couple of days, ok fine, weeks, wait...months? since I last posted on here. There has not been a shortage of blog ideas, just a lack of time and yes, motivation.:o)

Some highlights from my blog vacation:

* I finished reading a book titled "How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School." Can you believe it only took me a year to read, and I finished even before I finished nursing school?!?! :o)

* Rebecca and I took a quick weekend trip to San Luis Obispo and stayed with friends there. It was fun to be back in the city where each of us spent a couple of wonderful years, and as always it was good to spend time with friends.

* I officially survived all of my med/surg rotations and finished my first year of nursing school!!! What a whirlwind it has been, and it turns out that all of the people who told me it would go by fast were right. Sorry I doubted you.:o) In July I will reach the halfway mark of the nursing program!

(The only picture you will ever see of me smiling with this book.:o) Taken after I got the results of my last med-surg final and I realized I was done with it forever!)

* I've been meeting with Kate on Tuesdays to work on her math homework with her. Although math will never be either of our favorite subjects (and I really don't know any more than she does about it...shhhh...), it has been fun to spend more time with her and make some fun memories along the way.

* My fabulous friend Cassie traveled down from San Luis Obispo for a "meet and greet" and job opportunity at a school in Los Angeles. It was wonderful to spend some time with her, despite the fact that it reminded me how much I miss her!

* A friend who is in the Army and currently stationed in Iraq sent me a package with a rug, chai tea set, military Gideon Bible, and a patch with the symbol of their base. Definitely an unexpected but special gift. Their unit recently passed the halfway mark of their time in Iraq, and will Lord-willing be headed back to the U.S. in October.

* My wonderful friend and former roommate Kristen gave birth to an adorable little girl. Danielle Grace was born March 4, 2009 and I CAN'T WAIT to meet her!

* I have started a new quarter and am now in the fifth week of classes. Yes, in spite of all of the graduation announcements you are all receiving some of us are currently taking midterms. My clinical rotation is currently in OB/Postpartum/Labor&Delivery, and what a privilege that has been. I'll post more on that later!

* Some good friends were in town for a Pastor's conference at our church in the beginning of March, and their family has now decided to come to California for a vacation this summer. I can't wait!

* I was home for Spring Break in March and had such a wonderful time with my family! It's always fun to spend some time with each of them, and get caught up on their lives. I even found some time to teach Sarah how to drive stick shift. It turns out she's actually a natural. She didn't stall the very first time she attempted starting in 1st gear!!!

(The snow which decided to come during my "spring" break.)

* Still trying to work two 12 hour shifts a week, which has been tough but wonderful at the same time. Each time I work I note how much God has been teaching me in this job, as well as how much easier it becomes the longer I do it!

* My sister Rebecca is opening an online business and has allowed me the privilege of providing a small bit of assistance. What a pleasure it has been to have an excuse for spending more time with her, and oh how many memories we've made already!:o) She is going to be showcasing her items at a craft fair this weekend, and I am certain she would greatly appreciate your prayers for that. Also, don't worry, I'll be giving you the scoop on her website soon so that you can check it out for yourselves!

So there you have it. Whew! I suddenly feel rather tired... Guess I should get started on reading the six chapters I need to have completed for my OB lecture next Wednesday so that my next post doesn't start out, "Well that nursing school thing was fun while it lasted." Good thing the sun is shining and the porch looks so inviting. Come to think of it, so does my bed.:o) Thanks for checking in and catching up with me. My goal is to be a little more consistent, but if not I'll see you all in August.;o)