Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today I Was Shot In Both Arms

When my uncle comes home I always try to greet him with something out of the ordinary (which I guess means that it is ordinary for me...), and so today it was "Today I was shot in both arms." He has of course grown used to this routine, so he just paused and then said, "So just a typical day in North Hills then, huh?":o) I actually went to the doctor today to get two shots, so I'm a little sore in both arms. It's a bit strange going to the doctor now that I am starting to learn a little bit more about medicine. Somehow the fact that I am in nursing school tends to come up, and then I've noticed that they speak to me differently. It's actually pretty neat to understand what is going on to a certain extent. I would have to say that the injections were well performed, and I hope to be able to do them that well someday. For now, however, I prefer giving injections to the fake arms in the nursing skills lab.:o) Tomorrow morning I have a phone interview with a nurse recruiter at UCLA medical center. She told me it could take up to two hours to complete, so I'm guessing I'll probably be talking to more than one person. I would greatly appreciate your prayers . Ultimately I am trusting God that if this job is what He has in store for me then I will get it and if not then I won't, so that definitely helps eliminate nerves. I'll let you know what ends up happening, but I'm excited to see that all of the predictions of job availability are coming true already! Below is the long overdue beginning of pictures from my trip to Seattle.

Kristen and I.

Pike's Place Market.

No trip to Seattle is complete without a trip to the first Starbucks.:o)

So many fruits and vegetables!!!

Someone graciously offered to take our picture after many unsuccessful attempts to get us in with the sign...I think maybe they were just hoping to get a picture in that spot before it got dark.:o)

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