Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Bite Size Post

Earlier this week I was lamenting the fact that I felt quite overwhelmed by everything I needed to accomplish, and a very wise friend (aka my sister) advised me to take things in bite sizes so it wouldn't feel so overwhelming. I have decided to apply this to my blog as well, and I'm hoping that this new system will actually make me a more successful blogger. I always try to wait until I have enough time to blog about everything I've been up to, and then I end up with ridiculously long and infrequent posts. For example, I was waiting to blog until I had pictures to post from my trip to New Mexico, but instead I'll just post them when I get them. So, in addition to rethinking how I can be more successful in life;o), I have been fairly busy with school. It turns out that taking a vacation in the middle of the quarter can lead to some stress. But, it was absolutely worth it. I flew to New Mexico to meet up with my family on their vacation, and we spent time with some family friends in New Mexico and then went to Texas to see my grandparents. Although it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things at school, I felt encouraged and blessed by my time there. I'm taking a med math exam tomorrow, which I have to pass with a 90% to be able to pass the quarter and give medications and injections. (Of course, when you think about it, would you want your nurse to have gotten less than a 90% on their med math test?:o) Also, I am in the midst of the application process for a student nurse position at UCLA medical center. I am supposed to set up a phone interview with them today. And lastly, my midterms are next week and mi familia is coming into town this weekend, so I really need to get a lot of studying done this week. I would really appreciate your prayers for all of this. I've included a few random pictures from this summer below. I'll post vacation pictures when I can. Hope you are all having a terrific Tuesday!

A friend and I went to the beach in Santa Monica. (Becky, this picture I took for you. Heal the bay!:o)

Palm trees. Enough said.

The boardwalk.

The view of the beach from the end of the boardwalk.

This one's for Kristen.


Kristen said...

Love this idea! So much of the time my blog becomes a burden -- and I'm the one who makes it a burden! I like your approach.. and I think it can help make blogging what it is supposed to be -- a fun, creative outlet that brings honor to Him and displays His grace.

BTW, LOVE the pail pic!

Rebecca said...

Gotta love taking things "bite size" & in His timing :0) Good to talk with you this afternoon! Praying for you.