Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today on a Freeway in L.A.

I have decided that this will be a regular installment on my blog, as new and strange things seem to happen every time I drive down a freeway in L.A. Today was no exception. Being the conscientious driver that I am, I was of course using my eyes to attentively scan the cars a ways ahead of me.:o) I began to notice that there was a general slowing down, combined with brake lights and swerving. This in and of itself was of course nothing unusual, but it did make me more alert for potential problems. What I saw in the next few hundred feet, however, was quite unusual. Even for L.A.! I can't be positive, but I'm fairly certain someone toilet papered the freeway. It is of course possible that it simply fell off of a delivery truck, but this being L.A. I'm going to go with the first explanation.:o) It was everywhere! Some of the strips had been run over multiple times, which had resulted in a sort of confetti texture. It was floating in the air, almost a tiny bit like the closest thing to snow I'll ever see in Los Angeles... Some of it was still in rolls in the road, which was the cause of all of the swerving. The rest was in long, long strands which floated through the air looking for an innocent victim/car to suddenly begin mummifying. Of course it created chaos on the freeway, but I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Every time I think I've seen it all on the freeways, they outdo themselves.:o) For the remainder of the drive home I passed and was passed by cars bearing remnants of the TP battle they'd just survived. Some cars had it flying from the antennaes like little white flags, while others had it streaming from the back as if its occupants had recently been married. And with each reminder I just giggled, and wondered what they'd think of next...

(Sorry about the lack of picture. I so wanted to snap one! But ultimately I decided against it, as an accident on top of the toilet paper might have sent some of the very fragile commuters over the edge...:o)

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