Saturday, January 31, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Today was one of those days which goes completely contrary to plans, but ends up being completely awesome anyway. I woke this morning to the sound of my phone ringing at 4:30 am, which generally means that UCLA is either sending me to their hospital in Santa Monica or canceling me. (Generally I'm not awake enough to care which it is.:o) In this particular case , they were calling to tell me that they were overstaffed and not to come in. Since this also meant that I got a few more hours of sleep, I shut off my phone, rolled over, and slept for another couple of hours! Hooray!

When I did wake up I stumbled to the bathroom and proceeded to break the handle on my toilet while attempting to flush it. Enter my uncle. He comes innocently strolling down the hallway in his pj's and bathrobe and I step out in front of him. "Uncle Bill?" He looks suspicious. "Yes?" "I think I broke the toilet." He chuckles and heads into my bathroom, takes the toilet lid off, and confirms my assessment. "Looks like we'll need a parts run," he says. I sigh. It seems like I'm always making work for him. A little while later he has changed into his Saturday work clothes, taken apart the toilet, noticed the handles in my shower are turning a little funky, noticed my shower isn't draining properly while messing with the handles, put something down my drain to fix it, fixed the handles, and figured out a way to flush my toilet temporarily until he gets parts. He comes out of my bathroom, and lets me know everything that's now fixed. "You know Emily, it makes it a lot easier to fix things if I know they're broken." I smile sheepishly (we've had this talk before) and remark, "I did tell you about breaking the toilet." He smiles. "You're right. You get credit for that." As he heads to the garage to work on all of the things he had actually expected to do today, he teases over his shoulder, "Well now you'll have something to blog about." To which I replied by running out with my camera and snapping a picture of him. For my blog...:o)

(I have been blessed with the greatest uncle ever!)

In spite of the rough start to the morning, the day did become a bit more productive. As I sat down to breakfast I began thinking about all of the homework I should be working on, and then stopped myself. These were twelve extra hours I hadn't planned on having. ( I slept in a bit and didn't quite have the full twelve hours anymore...but you get the point.:o) I decided to use the day for all of the things I've put on my mental long-term list of things to get to when I have some free time. Ha! (On a side note, it turns out my lack of "life" and slight obsession with kidneys and nephrons has paid off. I just found out that I got an A on my nursing test Thursday. My first A in a Professor Washington class in two quarters!!!) Anyway, today I vacuumed, detailed, and washed my filthy car, organized some files and drawers that haven't been looked at in ages, trimmed my nails, worked on my blog, cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed, organized some school paperwork, typed out some long overdue e-mails, balanced my budget, and even sat down to watch some TV with my aunt and uncle. It certainly wasn't what you'll find written on my calendar for today, but it ended up being exactly what I needed. (Further proof that the God of the universe knows my needs better than I do, and knew that I needed some unexpected time off more than I needed a day of work. Thank you Lord for teaching me flexibility and for reminding me to expect the unexpected.)

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