Monday, January 5, 2009

The Last Day of Vacation

Today is technically the last day of my Christmas vacation. The technically comes in because after arriving back at my aunt and uncle's house last night I suddenly realized how much I needed to accomplish before starting school on Tuesday. Here's at least part of the list for today:

1. Finally update the blog I have neglected for the past month! (I was so sure I'd have plenty of blogging time while home. Silly me... I'll try to post about my time home at some point or another.)

2. Unpack/find my room.

(Ok...I know it's here somewhere...)

3. Schedule myself to work Friday and Saturday. (I'm going to try juggling two day of work this quarter. Why must life be so expensive??:o)

4. Shop for, pack, and mail a care package for a friend.

(SO long overdue!!!)

5. Study for the medication math test I just found out I'll be taking tomorrow.

(May I just say that there is something fundamentally wrong with taking a test on the first day back at school.:o( )

6. Mail a couple of books I just sold on

(Thank you Lord for the unexpected blessing of some extra cash.:o)

7. Assemble the humongous packet of information that verifies I have received every vaccine known to man and have medical malpractice insurance, a CPR card, etc., etc., etc. (I get to do this every quarter...until December of 2010.)

8. Enjoy a cup of mint hot chocolate in my new Christmas mug.

(I found this hot chocolate while organizing the stuff under my bed. Apparently there are benefits to cleaning.)

9. Consume an incredibly healthy and ever popular chili dog while hanging out with my wonderful aunt and uncle and pretending to understand the rules to that odd game where everyone tries to kill each other for a silly ball that probably costs about $10 at the local athletic store. (I think they call it football here in the States...)

10. Find my bed and then take my aunt up on her offer of helping me put an electric blanket on it since I practically froze last night.

(Perhaps I'll find it early enough to get an adequate amount of sleep so that I can start off my quarter refreshed and ready to go. Hehe... What are the chances of that happening?:o)

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