Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I thought this blog post was going to be about the incredible adventure of cleaning my room:o)...but as often happens it has taken another route. One of my prayers for 2009 has been that my eyes would be opened to see the ways God is working in my life, and the many blessings He showers on me every day. I fear I am all too quick to grumble about the trials without giving thanks for the praises. (Come to think of it, shouldn't I be praising Him in the trials?)

I went to my first day of clinical orientation today, and then tomorrow I'll be headed to the hospital for orientation there. It was bittersweet as I found out how many of my classmates did not pass our lecture last quarter and will not be able to continue with us. They will certainly be missed. One the other hand, I discovered that several of my favorite classmates are in my clinical this quarter. What a blessing! As I woke up this morning and stumbled to the shower at 5 am (it turns out that an abrupt transition from vacation time to school time takes its toll on your body...), the Lord brought to mind several of my classmates and I spent some time in prayer for them. What a difference it makes to spend time with people after you have just been praying for them!

I left my orientation feeling behind already (I am supposed to read about 100 pages by Thursday), and a bit overwhelmed. On the way to my car, however, I listened to an amazing message from my big sis, after which I couldn't help but smile and thank the Lord for the gift she is to me. Tonight I also had the chance to talk to some old friends for a while, and literally laughed for an hour straight. Friends and family are such an incredible blessing and gift from God!

I know that in my sin nature and weakness, and utilizing my own strength, I might (ok...would) have come away from today overcome by the weeks that lie ahead and wanting to crawl into bed forever. However, with a willingness to take situations to the Lord in prayer when they arose and trusting in His sovereignty, it was incredible to realize how relaxed and free I felt. At times like these I can never remember why I thought it was a good idea to attempt taking on the world all by myself. Wouldn't you think I would have learned by now?:o)

Lastly, I wanted to include a link to an article that someone else posted on their blog. It was definitely an encouragement to me, and a reminder of God's ability to accomplish absolutely anything, and then use whoever He chooses to proclaim His greatness.


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Rebecca said...

love ya chica! Thanks for your encouraging post. To Him be the glory.