Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 Minutes

     In 8 minutes I can cook pasta, run a mile (or at least half a mile:o), and now - drive to work.  Yes ladies and gentleman, the rumors are true.  My commute time is now 2/15ths of what it used to be.  And that's just in the mornings!  In the evenings it's about 1/32nd of what it once was.  People have been asking me, "What will you do with all of that extra time?"  Well today I got a library card, checked out a classic Carey Grant movie, bought something at Goodwill, took a walk on the beach, and drove home in the amount of time I once spent commuting.  Location, location, location...:o)

The view from my walk.

Amazingly refreshing after 8 hours in a computer class.:o)

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Alison said...

Keep blogging! It's so wonderful to hear about your new life! Check out our new blog if you haven't already!!
So glad that we will be close! I can't wait to get to know you better!! Praying for you guys as you go through the wedding planning process too!!