Friday, March 28, 2008

The Wonder of a Lab Kit

As it turns out, for only $200 you too could play nurse.:o) I brought home my lab kit today and had a wonderful time unpacking it and looking in amazement at everything it included. It made me realize just how much I am going to need to learn over the next two and a half years to be able to use it all! There were of course a few things that I already knew what they were, but only a few. My aunt and uncle joined in the fun, and were even gracious enough to let me practice a few of my newly acquired skills on them. Thankfully neither of them were permanently damaged in the process, and I hope to use them as test subjects many more times to come during the course of the program. My uncle did ask if the bag I was pulling things out of was the same one used by Mary Poppins, and for some reason he cringed a bit when I started pulling out syringes and tracheostomy tubing.:o) I guess I'll have to draw the practicing line somewhere... They are such a blessing, and just in case I haven't mentioned it enough, I am very thankful for them. Speaking of blessings and being thankful for people, I am going to coffee with my sister tomorrow so I should head for bed. I hope you all had a wonderful week. Hooray for the weekend!

The contents of my lab kit.
(Btw, does anyone have any hot tips for how to label my stuff so that it doesn't get mixed up with anyone else's?)

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