Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sisters Are a Blessing

A few days ago my sister called and asked if I wanted to go to coffee. Obviously I could never turn down an opportunity for sister time or caffeine, so I agreed to meet up with her on Saturday. What an incredible blessing it was! I had lunch at their apartment before we went for coffee, and it was great to spend time with both Becky and Justin. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have a "front row seat" and learn from their wonderfully God-centered relationship. After that we were off to the post office to mail some letters, and finally to a cute Santa Clarita Starbucks. We sipped our Java Chip Frappuccinos and enjoyed talking, laughing and taking about 5 million pictures. You can see the final product of that photo shoot in the slideshow to the right.:o) There were so many different conversations we embarked on, and I came away refreshed and encouraged. We decided to start meeting on a regular basis to encourage each other toward working through an Elizabeth Elliot book and memorizing Scripture. Accountability from other believers is such a wonderful thing! Finally we dropped by Goodwill to drop off some of Becky's stuff, and of course we couldn't help but go inside to see if there was anything good. Becky actually managed to find three tennis rackets for $8. Not bad at all. All in all it was a terrific afternoon, and I look forward to many more fun-filled Los Angeles adventures with my big sis.
Good Times.

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Rebecca said...

awww.. so sweet! I'm very blessed by you too Em :)