Friday, April 9, 2010

Inspiration and Burnt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Webster defines being inspired as, "outstanding or brilliant in a way or to a degree suggestive of divine inspiration."  I define inspiration as those bursts of energy and ideas which inevitably come to me after the clock has dinged twelve times to remind me that we are officially entering the a.m. and the beginning of a new day.  In this case, I was inspired to blog.  I have been remiss in my blogging for quite a while now (as in a trip to my blog last week revealed pumpkins as the header...) so why I felt the need to finally catch up while most sane people are sleeping we may never know.  But here I am, so if you're reading this early Friday morning please know that I do plan to edit after getting some sleep.:o)

Much has happened since I last blogged in...yes, October.  Apparently the big news back then was that I was approaching midterms.  I have since survived those midterms, two quarters, and have made it into my last three quarter of nursing school.  God is so good!

As you can probably tell from the picture above the big news right now is that my sister and brother-in-law are expecting a baby and that in a few months I'll be an aunt!  Wow.  Those nine months really fly by.  Especially when I don't get around to making the announcement until she's in her 7th month.:o)  I actually can't remember if I knew about the baby by the time I last blogged, but if I did I had been sworn to secrecy.  Whenever I get into trouble with Justin now, he reminds me that he has the power to have their little girl call me Auntie Em.  Apparently if I'd seen the Wizard of Oz his threat would have more of an impact...

In case you've forgotten who I am, or at least what I look like, here is a recent picture.  Justin's brother Micah took quite a few pictures at our Easter celebration last weekend.  The picture above started out as a picture of the caramel apple pie I had made.  Then suddenly I was in the picture.  And then it was supposed to look candid or something to that effect.  And by the time everyone had contributed their assistance in setting up the picture, it appeared as if I was "removing the pie from the oven" with my bare hands.  Ah photography.:o)

What a blessing each of these sweet girls are!  Sarah and my parents were here for Easter which was such a treat.  They're now back up in Northern California, but the other two I saw today.  Kate came over to Justin and Rebecca's condo and cut our hair.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a home salon where I feel 100% comfortable asking my hairdresser to make changes if I want them.  Plus, she'll work for free or Starbucks.  Even with their expensive coffee, it's hard to beat that price at a salon!:o)

Before that Becky helped me with plans for her upcoming baby shower so that I wouldn't be too overwhelmed.  I've tried explaining to her that the guest of honor is not expected to contribute in any way, but I can't deny that I've appreciated her input and creativity.  Perhaps in the next couple of years I'll get around to posting some pictures from that event.;o)  And then I in turn thanked her for her assistance using up the last of her butter in a batch of burnt chocolate chip cookies.  I really dislike burning cookies.  It's just such a waste of perfectly yummy cookie dough!

Well now you're pretty much caught up on my life, or at least as much of it as I'm feeling up to typing out at 12:30 am.  I look forward to (intermittently) sharing fun memories and how God's been working in my life as I finish up my last year of nursing school!

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