Monday, February 9, 2009

Recovery and Addiction

The good news is that I'm finally starting the recovery process and feeling a bit better. The bad news is that I am now quite addicted to Lipton's Cinnamon Apple Tea with honey. I've never been a big tea drinker prior to this cold, but now I might willingly subject myself to another one if it means unlimited access to this beverage. I know, I know. I'll get help. Just as soon as I finish what's currently in my mug.:o)

This weekend was an amazing time to relax and recover. After being canceled from work on Saturday, I spent the day rather lazily in my pajamas. I did get some homework done, but I actually spent some time curled up under the electric blankets of my bed reading a book for fun. (I'd almost forgotten what that's like...:o)

Sunday brought a wonderful church service and sermon from Rick Holland. During second service I attended an Evangelism class with Justin and Rebecca. I'm so excited about it! Can't wait to learn more. After church Becky and I went grocery shopping, which is always a treat. Amazing what we can find to chat about while comparing the price per ounce of various chicken products...

Today has been business as usual. Slept in a little. I haven't really been sleeping through the night since I got sick, so when I wake up in the morning and feel my sore throat and stuffy nose the thought of burrowing deeper in the covers is incredibly enticing. (Just have to make sure that this new habit doesn't continue tomorrow when I have to be out the door before 6 am.:o) One thing that was unusual was the rain and even hail, yes I said hail, that we had today. There is even snow up on the hills by my aunt and uncle's house. It's been raining for a few days, and although I realize that moisture falling from the sky is not at all unusual in certain parts of the world, it is quite extraordinary in the land of the perpetual drought. Well I'm off to make a plan of care for a patient I had last week. Make sense to you? Me either.:o) Happy Monday!

To the north was blue sky, clouds, power lines, and snow. Gotta love Southern CA.:o)

To the south was this. Naturally this was the direction I was headed...

Perfect day for a scarf!

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