Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going North For the Winter?

Seems a little odd, but that's precisely what I'm doing tomorrow. Turns out I'm not a goose...:o) My younger sister was crowned homecoming queen last year, so I'm driving her to Nor-Cal tomorrow morning to pass on her crown. Looking forward to some quality sister time, and excited to see my parents and Sarah. It will be a super quick trip (driving home tomorrow and back on Sunday!), but it promises to be full of fun and memories nonetheless. The timing is perfect also, since I really feel that I tanked the nursing midterm I took this morning. Few things are more disappointing than failing a test you spent hours of your life studying for. When I think of all of the late nights, writer's cramp, missed blogging time;o)...but I digress. I have decided to look at it as a learning opportunity. I still feel that I really put a great deal of time and energy into studying, and that I have learned the critical information needed to care for a patient with renal failure. Which is the point of all of this learning I suppose. So, I'll take a vacation, study hard for the final, and move on with my life. Good thing my hope is found in the Lord, and not dependent on myself or my report card! Not sure I'll have any spare time to blog this weekend, but hopefully I'll return Monday with some fun pictures. Any big plans for the weekend?

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Auntie lisa said...

Our Love and Hugs all around when you get home!! Enjoy..