Thursday, June 5, 2008

Study, Study, Study

Since I last blogged I have completed two written finals, two practicums, made a mind map poster, flown to Sacramento for my sister's graduation, and even managed to sneak some studying in occasionally. Was it really only last Wednesday that I blogged??? I wanted to thank you guys for all of your prayers for my tests. My two practicums went really well. One was half written/half practical, and the written portion covered abbreviations used in charting. Thankfully the test only covered 40 of the possible 300 that we had to study. It was pass/fail so I know I passed that one. The second half was a demonstration of skills we've learned over the quarter. It included everything from wound care to enemas and all things in between. That one was also pass/fail, so I found out that day that I passed. The second practicum was for my assessment class, and we had to be able to examine the entire body. I was a pretty nervous, but it ended up going way better than I anticipated and I didn't miss any points. My instructor was also impressed by my accuracy taking blood pressure, and I absolutely had to give all credit in that department to my aunt who has graciously let me take her blood pressure almost every day. (Of course her doctor told her she needs to, but that's besides the point.:o) My two written exams were today, and they went pretty well. I actually did better on the one I thought I would do poorly on, so I guess what I learned is to plan for failure and then I'll be sure to exceed my expectations.:o) All joking aside, they both went just fine and I have only one more tomorrow before I'm FREEEEEEEE!!! My summer vacation starts tomorrow at 2:30pm, and ends June 16th at 8am. I definitely have big plans and a lot to squeeze in during that time. On Saturday I'll be packing and getting caught up on everything I've let slide while studying for finals. On Sunday I'm flying from LAX to Seattle to visit a dear friend/former roommate and her husband. They have graciously invited me to stay for a week, so I'll be up there until the following Saturday. I'm sure I'll have plenty of material to post from our adventures, but for now I should probably stop thinking about fun and get back to studying. Not that studying isn't fun...;o)

I know this is random, but I haven't taken any pictures lately and then I realized I never got around to posting these pics I took of my current living situation. This first pic is of the front of my Aunt and Uncle's house.

Here is a pic of part of my room.

And here is most of the rest of it...

And the last of it. Maybe I should try to get a job for Google taking 360 pictures...

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