Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

Okay. Maybe that doesn't exactly describe how my day went, but I can honestly say that every time I got this feeling I should be studying and realized I didn't need to a huge smile and possibly even a squeal or two escaped my mouth. I had a fairly large list of things to do before I fly out of LAX tomorrow, but I actually managed to accomplish it in a relatively short amount of time and then got to enjoy a relaxing evening of watching National Treasure with my aunt and uncle on their new flat screen TV.

I think the numerous relocations and trips of late have made me an efficient packer. My aunt asked me if I'd started packing as she was starting the rice maker (to which I replied no), and I had completed all packing by the time dinner was ready. So, in case you didn't catch it, I am now officially able to pack in less time than it takes to cook rice. Yes I know. Pretty incredible. Don't worry...I'll put a chapter on packing in my autobiography someday.:o)

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