Saturday, November 3, 2007

Birthday Blessings

My plan was to post all about my sister's visit last weekend, but I'm still waiting to get some pictures from her. So...I decided to put that story on hold and talk about what an amazing birthday I had. It's so cool that we have set up a day where we hear from people we haven't talked to in a while, and are reminded of what a blessing it is to have people who love and care about us. I started my new job on Friday, and so most of the people who called ended up leaving voicemails. It was great to listen to one after the other, and feel all warm and fuzzy. After work I went to dessert at Madonna Inn with some friends from Poly. It was delicious and I had a wonderful time. My family sent me an amazing bouquet of flowers that smell so good. My roommates gave me cards and mittens, and my sister and brother-in-law got me this great T-shirt from Walla Walla, Washington. I went around all day telling my friends, "See? It really does exist!":o) Twenty years old. I haven't quite gotten used to that idea yet. Not a teenager anymore. I definitely won't miss the teenager stereotypes, but then again I no longer have the blanket of forgiveness society provides them just for being teenagers. On the other hand, I can still pass for a twelve-year-old, so I guess I can be in whatever age group I decide to be on a given day. Well, I'm off to enjoy the extra hour of sleep I get tonight. Yippee!! I promise to blog about my new job and my fabulous visit with my sister later. Also, in case you were wondering, only 1,036,800 seconds until I hear from George Fox about the nursing program.:o)

Cassie and I at the Grace Church annual college hoedown

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