Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Joy of Weekends

I have now survived three weeks of school, and cannot believe that I have less than two months left. The quarter system is such madness! Having said that, there really are more pros than cons. It's virtually impossible to fall too far behind. We have midterms after only three or four weeks, so how much homework could you not have done by that point?:o) Not to mention, if you take classes you don't like, you get to switch them up three times a year instead of two. Basically, I love the quarter system!
My weekend went really well. There were some moments where I realized that being content in the situation God has me in is so important, and makes such a difference in how I view my experiences. On Friday night I was able to make dinner for some friends, and then we watched the movie Facing the Giants. Such a classic. It was really low-key, and an absolutely perfect end to a somewhat hectic day. In the morning I dropped off some CNA applications, went to the post office, rode the bus to pick up my bike which I had left at a friend's house, dropped off a book to a friend, and rode my bike home. I'd like to take a moment to talk about bikes. I know that lots of people love them, and I will admit they are convenient when they work. Unfortunately, my bike never works. You may be thinking, "Just get a new bike!" I actually had the same thought and followed through on it, but my new bike doesn't work either. It's the brakes. Although they function fairly well, they emit the loudest, most obnoxious noise ever. Everyone who passed me in cars, pedestrians, other cyclists, turned to look. So embarrassing!:o) I tried a few different tactics. I pretended I didn't hear anything, I looked around as if searching for the source myself, I look embarrassed, and I even tried using my legs for brakes. (Which would explain the bruises on the backs of my legs. A good reminder I suppose that pride can be painful...)
Sorry about the rabbit trail. All of that was to say that a movie night was the perfect end to both my Friday and my week. On Saturday, I got to sleep in a little and then work on homework. Cassie, Sarah, and I went on an adventure to Avila Valley Barn. It was so much fun. We visited the petting zoo, got lost in the hay maze, taste-tested everything, and bought fruit and pumpkins. It smelled so much like fall, and was such a wonderful time. That was one of those moments where I realized that although I may not understand exactly what God is doing with the whole nursing situation, I can choose to be content where He has me right now. I knew at that moment there was nowhere else I would rather be. Of course, its much easier to have those revelations when you're someplace fun with friends, but I am praying that God keeps that fresh in my mind even in the tough moments as well. After hanging with Cassie and Sarah, I went to a birthday party. I wasn't actually there to party, but rather to work. I was tasked with babysitting a two-year-old boy during his older brothers party. It was definitely an interesting experience, and an excellent workout. I was literally running most of the time. He had so much energy (as well as sugar), and it was difficult to keep up. I was supposed to keep an eye on him so that the parents could focus on the other children, but it was a little tough to keep him from participating in some of the games and from falling off of the hiking path. Thankfully birthdays only happen once a year.:o)
Today I went to church, did some laundry, went grocery shopping., and conquered my remaining homework. I wouldn't say that it was my most monumental weekend ever, but I'm so thankful for everything I got to do. Weekends are really such a cool invention. After having such a relaxing and fun weekend, I feel ready to tackle another week of school. Of course, I'll need someone to remind me I said that by about Wednesday.:o) Only 38 days, 0 hours, 39 minutes and 14 seconds until I hear back from George Fox, but who's counting?

Sarah, Cassie, and I at Avila Valley Barn

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