Saturday, October 10, 2009

Speaking of Undeserved Blessings...

Over the last couple of weeks I have been eating really well.  A little too well maybe. Which is part of the reason why all recent pictures have been of my surroundings, and not of me.:o)

Last week I made Mexican Rice Casserole (recipe complements of my wonderful friend Kristen!).  She made it for Rebecca and I when we were in Seattle and we really enjoyed it.  It was a big hit here as well, and we finished off all leftovers last night.:o)

I had a really fun time making it, but right about the time I finished I began to remember why I typically try to clean up as I go along.

Thankfully my aunt was out working in the yard for most of the time, and by the time she came in she said, "Wow!  It smells delicious and the kitchen looks great.":o)

Then last Sunday Rebecca and I had our first "official" Sunday Sister Afternoon.  (We'll come up with a better name eventually.:o)  We made yummy banana muffins and then topped them with some cream cheese frosting and fall sprinkles.  Nutritious and delicious!;o)  Then we sat on her couches and talked, laughed, and ate our muffins while sipping chai tea.  Did I mention this was the absolute highlight of my week???

And last, but not necessarily least, I made scones yesterday.  I got out of my psych clinical early and came home ready to bake before going to a friend's high school play.  This particular baking adventure may not sound overly significant, but it was.  For whatever reason I've always been intimidated by scones.  They just seemed too challenging to attempt.  It turns out (like many things in my life) all the apprehension was for nothing.  They were incredibly easy, and delicious.  We had them with breakfast this morning, and the consensus was that they are a keeper.  What has the cooler weather inspired you to bake recently? 


Kristen said...

Wow -- you've been cooking/baking up a storm! Scones intimidate me too, weird... This Thursday I made my very first batch of homemade brownies. Much better than the box, I must say.. but I will need to search around for the *perfect* recipe.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's it! I've had enough of this! Pictures of delicious foods! I want to inform you that we have quite a few great nursing schools here in Colorado Springs and the hospital that I was in had fantastic nursing students (I know, they took care of me however, admittedly it wasn't the Psych ward) and we have PLENTY of room for you to come live with us. You are very welcome to raid my kitchen/pantry/ grocery wallet anytime any day. What's more, you can write your final paper on "How a Deaf person lives without a gallbladder". Please think about our offer.

;-) Kristen in Colorado Springs who did not give Emily the Mexican Rice Casserole Recipe (unfortunately)