Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter Wonderland

After spending a few days in Oregon, I have come to realize that I am a California girl through and through. Although I love spending time here with family when I come to visit, the lack of sun and constant drizzle start to get to me after a while. I know the rain keeps things green, but I'll take the dry and warm. I'm sitting at my Grandma's computer sipping hot coffee and appreciating God's creation...from inside a warm house. Yesterday I went with my parents, sister, and extended family to play in the snow. It was really fun and I had a wonderful time throwing snowballs, building a snowman, sledding, and taking lots and lots of pictures. I'm not sure my camera will ever forgive me... It was seriously cold, but so amazingly beautiful. The snowflakes were HUGE! On the way home we stopped for hot chocolate at a really cute country store. It was a wonderful day of memory making, and it made me especially thankful for my family. I'm off to hang with my sisters. I'm taking them to our church's New Year's all-nighter on Monday night, and I'll probably have some fun pictures and stories to post about that later.


We ended up playing in front of a ranger station.

The Fam.

My adorable cousin Emma playing in the snow.

My cousin Amanda with blue lips.

A sled that actually rolled up on itself.

The amazing (and tall) snowman we built...

The Dal Soglio Family...I'll be living with them in So. Cal.

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Carrie Haughey said...

awesome snowman!! I would love to build one like that someday.... :0)

Have a fabulous New Year!!